2023 Training and Development Workshops

Enhance your knowledge and skills with Wastyn & Associates’ 2023 training and development workshops in nonprofit leadership and fund development 

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About Our Workshops

Designed for the development professional, nonprofit executive or someone who aspires to such positions, these workshops will provide you with practical knowledge and skills so you can immediately make a difference at your organization and in your community.

We know you have limited budgets and personnel and cannot spend hours away from your organizational demands. So, we combine learning in a hybrid format (simultaneous virtual and face-to-face sessions) with guided exercises that you can do at your own pace. You can choose to attend the sessions that fit your needs and schedule.

Taught in partnership with some of the Quad Cities’ top consultants and educators and created specifically for nonprofit leaders, workshops have 2 tracks.

  • TRACK ONE: Organizational Development
  • TRACK TWO: Fund Development

COST: $85 per session.

Individual coaching sessions available for $100/hour session
Want to buy 3 or more classes? Contact Nisha at [email protected] for a 15% off discount! Or buy the Track Bundle and get 15% off when you buy all the classes in the track.

Location: 4215 E 60th Street, Davenport, or via Zoom
Enrollment is limited to 15 people with no more than 10 in person so reserve you seat today!!
Meet Your Instructors

TRACK ONE: Organizational Development

Objectives and expected outcomes include:
  • Understanding essential elements of a nonprofit organization
  • Effectively managing board and staff to advance your organization’s mission
  • Preparing for future challenges by creating a culture of adaptability

Complete the five courses designated by *  between the two tracks and earn a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.

TRACK TWO: Fund Development

Objectives and expected outcomes include:
  • Understand the essential elements of fund development
  • Effectively plan and execute different fund development strategies that best meet your needs
  • Maximize resources to meet your organizational needs 

  • Complete the five courses designated by * between the two tracks and earn a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.
Course contents

Not just textbook knowledge, these workshops discuss proven concepts and tactics that you can use immediately to impact your organization. 

Our relationship driven approach to nonprofit management and leadership separates us from other programs. We do not take a feel good approach, with sayings that leave you feeling good, but lack any long-term impact. We all know we should be nice to others, but then what??? Is there more? We do not promise easy answers to complicated issues; instead, we work to present the problems in all their messiness and work with you to develop an approach that helps you work with others to create solutions that reflect mutual needs.

You will learn not just what is necessary to maintain relationships and effectively lead your organization, but also what is sufficient to create a healthy organization that thrives in challenging times.

Course reviews

“The Leadership Class was extremely beneficial and a great forum to talk with other community professionals and share ideas. We learned about having more engaging meetings, agenda structure, strategic ways to supervise staff, smart marketing without breaking the bank and much more. I highly recommend this class!” 
Kim Kidwell, Director of Culture & Recreation, City of Bettendorf
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