Leadership Essentials I: Preparing for the future and your guide to planning and forecasting new challenges

Thursday, June 1, 2023
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM  CST

Location: 4215 E 60th Street, Davenport, or via Zoom

Enrollment is limited to 15 people with no more than 10 in person so reserve you seat today!
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If the pandemic taught us anything, it showed us that life can throw curveballs. We view leadership as an influence relationship among people who come together to solve problems of mutual purpose. This beginning workshop explores how we can better define the problems we need to confront within our organization to better prepare it for future challenges.

2023 Training and Development Workshops

“The Leadership Class was extremely beneficial and a great forum to talk with other community professionals and share ideas. We learned about having more engaging meetings, agenda structure, strategic ways to supervise staff, smart marketing without breaking the bank and much more. I highly recommend this class!” 
Kim Kidwell, Director of Culture & Recreation, City of Bettendorf
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